Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Help Needed (Collision)

"I was heading north on Spadina just south of College on Thursday night. A man cut me off without signaling turning right into a small side street on the south east corner. I hit the front quarter panel. Me and the bike went over the hood. Surprisingly I didn't think I was hurt at the time. Turns out I have a sprained wrist and broken foot. The old man immediately stated it was my fault!. Didnt even ask if I was ok!!!!!! Clearly it was not my fault and a two witnesses (the first to come to my aid) were in 100% agreement with me.

So Im putting a call out to those witnesses or any that saw me get hit. Unfortunately for me I did not get their info. Even if you heard from a friend they saw some guy get hit etc please pass on the info. Having a few statements on my side will help make this dirt bag own up for being an irresponsible driver.

Any help would be a appreciated. sale-pknkm-2087110738@craigslist.org
Your fellow biker"

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