Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 Blessing of Bicycles

2011 Blessing of Bicycles, a set on Flickr.
Trinity-St.Paul’s United Church and the Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts hosted their second annual Bike Blessing. Ministers blessed bikes and riders and asking for protection for all who ride. They gave thanks for the simple beauty of the bicycle and the mobility it gives us to explore our city. What an excellent way to begin Bicycle Month in Toronto and to get ready for Bike to Work Day on Monday, May 30th. Ministers: Ted Reeve and Alex Horsky.

A 2011 Bike Month Event.

Bicycle Art by Janet Bike Girl.
Photography by Martin Reis.
Special thanks to Hamish Wilson and Lyn Gaetz.

(snip) The Star "One by one, they wheeled their bicycles down the red-carpeted centre aisle to the front of Trinity St. Paul’s United Church. One by one, Reverend Ted Reeve sprinkled holy water on their heads, handlebars, and baskets.
“May the road rise to meet you; may the wind be ever at your back; may all your journeying be joyous; may you and your bicycle be held in God’s hand,” he said.
The second annual blessing of the bicycles drew about 50 riders to the church, located near Bloor St. and Spadina Ave., on Sunday afternoon. Scooters and motorcycles were blessed outside.
“It is an opportunity for us to celebrate the technology of a simple, efficient machine that also brings us closer to nature and God’s abundance,” Reeve said in an interview. “It’s a way to slow down and appreciate life.”
Reeve administered blessings along with Alexandra Horsky, a board member at Trinity St. Paul’s and a chaplain at a Toronto hospital."

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