Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bixis In Toronto First Look

P1050811 BixiP1050826 BixiP1050824 BixiP1050823 BixiP1050822 BixiP1050821 Bixi
P1050820 BixiP1050819 BixiP1050818 BixiP1050816 BixiP1050815 BixiP1050814 Bixi
P1050813 BixiP1050812 BixiP1050810 BixiP1050809 BixiP1050808 BixiP1050805 Bixi
P1050804 BixiP1050803 BixiP1050802 BixiP1050801 BixiP1050800 BixiP1050799 Bixi

Bixis In Toronto First Look, a set on Flickr.

The day before the official launch many Bixi bikes were already to go in downtown Toronto. Have a look before you ride one. They sure turned a lot of heads.

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