Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bloor Bike Lane in the National Post

Photos by Rick.

Article about Take the Tooker
in the National Post today. Page A13.


Anonymous said...

With all the press this is getting, do you think the cops and/or city will show up and say, ", you can't paint that." ??

If it were more of a surprise, then they could have had it done before anyone even noticed.

Tino said...

Come out and find out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would like to go...but it's in the middle of a work day. I anticipate seeing plenty of pictures though! :)

Tino said...

Bad timing for me too but I will try and make it happen. Funny how lobbying for a bike lane is considered
such pie in the sky dream. Sounds to me like the public has resgned itself to the idea cars are the only
legit way of getting around. Sad and short-sighted.