Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cycling in February


Maple Leaf Cyclery said...

On the bright side of February cycling there is often lots of parking available at ring and posts!

Anonymous said... cars in the bike lane!!! Great photoshop work.

Darren J said...

Why is the flag at half mast?

Tanya said...

if only all of february the roads could be this clear :) was going to head out today but its snowing somewhat heavily and walking is slidey :(

Tino said...

Yeah, a strange February. Sildey?
You betcha.

Not sure why flag is at half mast. Afghanistan?

Took a long time to get a shot without a car parked in the bike lane, fer sure.

Steeker said...

I got the same picture earlier in the week from the other side I'll put it up in my Blog and the roads were wonderful :D.