Sunday, February 19, 2006

Icycle Race 2006

Elite Rubber Class Winner 2006:
Rick Conroy

Congratulations Rico!

Photo by Darren Stehr

Photos (40 images, early parts of the evening) Temp: -12C

Video (QT 7 minutes, 11mb) Team Relay, Heats 1 & 2
Download video in .avi format (big file)

Photos by Darren! More great photos by Steeker!


Steeker said...

Yaaaaa that was so much fun last night but talk about freezing :O , I hung out down on the east corner at the end of the straight for great pictures and it was awesome to see the ladies out racing too. P.S. I can only get sound for the video :(

Tino said...

works on my Mac. Maybe a QT PC thing. I will upload an alternate version in DIVX ...
Thanks Steeker for the heads up.

Darren J said...

Amazing photos and video, Martino! This looks like the most exciting sporting event ever.

I'll have to make sure I can go next year, as a spectator.

Anonymous said...

I got the video to work thanks and it was GREAT , My digital camera makes mini movies so I joined four of them together from the races but am having problems with the sound track :) IF it works out I'll send ya a copy

Anonymous said...

Hey you add'd a pic of Rick ........Yaaaaaa here comes the Ricksterrrr ooh yea