Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cyclists should not ride on the sidewalks!

It takes space away from the cars!


Anonymous said...

Come to Davenport. This 'hood is the reigning champion of cars parked on sidewalks. I didn't realize it could get this bad until I moved here.

Anonymous said...

In my neighbourhood cars park on the sidewalk all the time.My neighbourhood is Queen and Spadina Ave, and Spadina Ave and Richmond StWest.
One evening, 9 SUV autos were parked on the sidewalk, the pedestrians were so confused as to where to walk, that they had to walk on the road with moving cars.

It is all great that the City of Toronto wants to make extra large sidewalks for pedestrians, but honestly large sidewalks just seem to be an invitation for autos to park on the sidewalk. So barriers like bollards should also be a part of any new sidewalk expansion.

Try to report cars parked on the sidewalk to Parking Enforcement in Toronto. And they will ask you, CAN YOU JUST WALK AROUND THE CAR ? or they might ask you...ARE YOU SURE THE CAR PARKED ON THE SIDEWALK IS NOT JUST A CAR PROMOTION ?

Hard to believe, but these are some of my experiences with dealing with Toronto parking Enforcement.

This car parking lot, in my neighbourhood which is located on the sidewalk was reported to reported to Oliva Chow, many years ago............nothing changed, she was not helpful, or she did not care ?

Now I have Adam Vaughn on the job, to make the sidewalks in my neighbourhood safe for pedestrians.
Well, so far cars continue to park on the sidewalk.

So if you see a car parked on the sidewalk.........complain and complain. Parking enforcement telephone number is 416 808 6600.
And complain to your city councillor.

You might also complain about motorcycles and scooters parking on the sidewalk, too !!!

Anonymous said...

We have Glen DeBaeremaker, in cahoots with Case Ootes, to thank for the motorcycles parked on the sidewalk. In a resolution proposed by these two at city council about 18 months ago, motorcycles were made exempt from any required parking fees on city streets; and this morphed into a policy exempting them from all parking bylaws in general. The reason? Case Ootes's son, who drives a motorcycle, once got a parking ticket because he didn't have the paper attached to his windscreen--supposedly it blew off or was stolen or something.

"Thanks, dad!"