Friday, June 26, 2009

Jane Jacobs on Bike

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Benjamin Hemric said...

Hi! I just now (October 12, 2009) came across your terrific Jane Jacobs on a bike photo. Where did you find it? I'm doing research for an article on Jane Jacobs and I'm wondering if the original source of the photo might have some additional useful information.

You probably know this already but, in case you don't, the photograph seems to be taken from Washington St. and around Perry St. (which is about two blocks to the west of 555 Hudson St. where Jacobs lived). In the background, the large building with the "hole" in it is the old Bell Telephone Laboratories building (now Westbeth houses), and the "hole" in the building is the end (at that time) of the old elevated freight line that has now been transformed into the High Line park. The empty lots on the left are now filled with West Village Houses which Jacobs, of course, was instrumental in getting built.

You can get a great view of what the street looks like today via the street level views provided by Google maps.

Benjamin Hemric
October 12, 2009 -- 10:42 p.m.