Thursday, June 18, 2009

News from the front.

BLD News -EXCLUSIVE- (Mississauga)- BLD staffers were deep into hostile territory to see how the 'War on Cars' is affecting areas surrounding Toronto. While waiting at a rail crossing we were witness to a school bus advance on a railway crossing that had its warning lights and chimes activated with its barrier beginning to come down. So worried was one staffer that the bus, thinking it was filled with children, would get hit he begged the driver to stop. The driver kept going, thankfully the barrier was able to stop the bus moments before a train came through.

We were shocked, why would the driver risk so many little people lives. On closer inspection we saw the real reason. Seated behind the driver were three aging silver haired soldiers from a local car fanciers club, there were no kids. Their attempt to ram a guerrilla train, GO Train carrying commuters to the downtown core, was thwarted on this day.

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