Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Action Alert

Action Alert: Fine Increase & Added Enforcement for Bike Lane Parking infractions!


Toronto Cyclists Union

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ACTION ALERT:  lend your voice in support of added enforcement for parking/stopping in bike lane infractions, and to double this fine from $60 to $120.

RE: Toronto Police Services Board meeting, Nov 19, 2009

The Toronto Cyclists Union will be making a written and in-person deputation asking that the fine for parking / stopping in a bike lane be doubled to $120, and that Toronto Police - Parking Enforcement be compelled to have it's officers begin prioritizing the ticketing of all manner of vehicles stopped or parked illegally in bike lanes throughout the city.

**Please take 5 minutes before 10am on Thursday November 19th to email your support for both of these requests being made on your behalf by the Toronto Cyclists Union.

TO: alok.mukherjee@tpsb.caJoanne.Campbell@tpsb.ca
CC: <Hugh.Smith@torontopolice.on.ca>, <lpawlow@toronto.ca> , <fbalda@toronto.ca>, <info@bikeunion.to>

Subject: Bike Lane Parking Enforcement & Fine Increase

*Here is some text you can use - or compose your own:

As a cyclist (and occasional driver - if this is the case) in Toronto, I would like to express my support for an increase in the set fine amount for parking / stopping in a bike lane to $120.

Additionally, I believe that Parking Enforcement Officers should prioritize more rigorous enforcement of the no-stopping in bike lanes bylaw.

Cars, delivery trucks and buses parked in bike lanes are a serious threat to the safety of cyclists in Toronto.  Cyclists are most vulnerable when they are forced to swerve out of a bike lane to go around motor vehicles stopped in the lane dedicated to the safe passage of cyclists.

Your name
Toronto Cyclists Union member / supporter.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to help us improve cycling conditions in Toronto!  Thi s is a first, but very important step towards getting motor vehicles out of bike lanes.


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