Thursday, November 19, 2009

Park In The Bike Lane? Welcome to Toronto!

Photo: ARC and it's Guaranteed Bike Lane Action

Star Article The Star reporter, without hardly even trying, catches driver parked in the bike lane for 15 minutes doing paperwork and playing with Blackberry.

You could call and report it: 416-808-6600 (but please don't hold your breath)


Unknown said...

Caught the end of a story CityTV was doing last night about parking in bike lanes in TO.

Seems like an epidemic there...But I'm sure the anti-bike crowd will find a way to blame cyclists.

Todd Tyrtle said...

I've seen some suggestion of that, Ryan. Specifically: "Nobody ever uses the bike lanes, they're a waste!" echoes throughout the newspaper comment threads.

It's an absurd argument. I don't see anyone parking on the rarely-used sidewalk on Dufferin north of Finch. And really - one of the worst streets for bike-lane parking in my opinion is College and that is also the street where I'm most likely to find myself in a pack of cyclists - sometimes in double-digit numbers in the summer.