Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cops Get Caught Parking In The Bike Lane

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Bike lane backlash
Cop spotted by Sun parked illegally to get his lunch gets dressing down from superiors

A police officer returns from a west-end cafe after leaving his cruiser in the bike lane on Annette St. for at least 20 minutes. (Bryn Weese, Sun Media)
A Toronto Police officer who parked his cruiser in a bike lane to get his lunch is getting no love from his superiors, who are coming down hard on his "stupid" and "unacceptable" actions.

On Sunday,the Sun witnessed a city cop sitting inside the Grillway Cafe, at Runnymede Rd. and Annette St., while his cruiser was blocking a bike lane on Annette.

The officer was parked there for at least 20 minutes before leaving the cafe with a can of pop and a paper lunch bag.

But instead of protecting their own, Toronto Police brass called the officer's parking actions "stupid" and "unacceptable."

Last week, cycling advocates brought the issue of blocking bike lanes for non-emergency reasons to the attention of the Toronto Police Services Board, which asked Chief Bill Blair to examine the issue.

"That's not kosher at all. It's right in our procedures that, outside of exigent circumstances, you do not park illegally, and that includes in bike lanes," said Sgt. Tim Burrows, of the force's traffic services department. He added higher-ups at the force were "incensed" when they heard about the Annette St. incident.


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viky said...

This is a nice post. Corps get caught parking in the wrong place. I hope this rule is properly followed in my country too. I have been watching a few corps just using the bike parking space without being punished at all.