Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Major protest againts Jarvis bike lanes announced.

BLD News- A newly formed group of Jarvis Street area businesspeople held a news conference today announcing a planned protest against the creation of the Jarvis Street bike lanes. This group points out that their members have had ongoing businesses concerns on Jarvis for several decades and have never been consulted on the changes by the City. They claim this is no different than what the City did with businesses affected by the St.Clair Right-of-Way. The Jarvis Street business people fear the loss of some of their best customers from the Rosedale area and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Nearly 80% of their current business income comes from customers that live north Bloor St and the remainder from tourists. Even if these customers return after the construction, the disruption by the construction may put many of them permanently out of business before completion. The group is also calling for financial compensation and help to relocate if the bike lanes go ahead. The loss of parking will be devastating and greatly impede the trade. The spokesperson for the group, Debbi Houston, said their members were willing and ready to "...handcuff themselves to any bulldozer that appears in front of any of their businesses".

We contacted one of the companies that won a contract for work on Jarvis and asked them how they felt about the planned protest. The person answering the phone refused to comment on behalf of the company because they did have permission to do so. Though asked, if we knew "...if the group would be using the fuzzy hand cuffs like the ones they usually use?"

Ms. Houston closed the news conference telling members of the public that they could join their group if they found the right "sponsor". The first workshop of the new group, the 'Sex Workers Alliance Against Bike Lanes on Jarvis', will be a picket sign 'how-to' on May 9th at 'Le Strip' 4pm. Following the workshop at approximately 530pm an information session will be presented on 'what to do if you are arrested on the job'.


lou said...

I'm sorry, is this a joke completely at the expense of those working in the sex trade?

If so, it doesn't seem appropriate for those claiming to be left-leaning community-advocate types.

opressive and sexist language isn't cool.

Darren said...

Ya the 'left'. Now that is the joke. They bent over backwards to help provide billions in welfare to the auto industry while hundreds of thousands of Ontarions were going hungry. All in the effort to save a couple of thousand jobs that won't last. This instead of finding sustainable jobs and industry for a better future. If they would have had a little more foresight there would be more jobs for more people . This in turn helping people get out of the trap of turning tricks on Jarvis just to put food on the table.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? Repainting lines on a road does not require a bulldozer! The city is not going to change any widths of the sidewalks or anything.

Darren said...

Absolutely true. We are just making steel toes for Tino's Birk's so he is allowed on the bulldozer to operate it.