Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ontario Job Ad

Due to a recent loss of several hundreds of thousands of pages of citizens' health information, due to the implementation of an antiquated monitoring system, the Ontario Ministry of Health is looking for communication officers. These key positions will help the Ministry assist the public in understanding the issues surrounding the error. The positions will be at "arm's length" from the Ministry to ensure transparency.

In consultations with stakeholders the Ministry has determined that persons who define themselves as cyclists are highly desirable for these positions. The key requirement being that they are readily acceptable to the public as the persons responsible.

Please apply in confidence to:

In the event that your email does not get through because of cyclists you may apply by sending your resume to:

George Rossi
363 University Ave
Toronto ON M4M 2P2


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I fail to understand this. Can you please explain this?

Tino said...

I think it's meant to be satire ...

Anonymous said...

I understand that there's a joke involved, but I don't understand the joke itself. Does it relate to Rocco Rossi or George Smitherman? I'd really like to understand it. Thanks