Friday, October 22, 2010

Transport Futures 2010: Road Pricing & Smart Growth Forum

Transport Futures 2010: Road Pricing & Smart Growth Forum
December 2, 2010 - Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto

Transportation planning and land use planning are two sides of the same coin. That’s why at the 4th Transport Futures Forum, you’ll learn how road pricing can influence urban form, especially as it relates to development patterns, consumer real estate preferences, costs and travel destinations. Cutting-edge research, interactive presentations, panels and group discussions will explore whether comprehensive road pricing policies can help Ontario meet density targets, accelerate transit-oriented development, convert brownfields and protect green space. Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss tolls and smart growth with these leading international and national experts:

* Dr. Alex Anas, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY, USA
* Dr. Robin Lindsey, University of British Columbia, BC, Canada
* Sue Flack, MRC McLean Hazel, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
* Dr. Richard Soberman, Trimap Communications, Toronto, ON, Canada

… and more speakers to be announced soon!

The Transport Futures Road Pricing & Smart Growth Forum takes place on December 2, 2010. Seating is limited. Register by November 12th to take advantage of our Early Bird Rates. Visit for full program details!!

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