Friday, February 17, 2006

So Many Great Toronto Bike Blogs

Biking Toronto


Bike Refugee

Vic Gedris (Web site)


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the link, Martino, both in this entry and on your sidebar. Your site is a daily visit for me (of course)! All the best, Joe.

Tino said...


You're totally welcome. Long overdue.
I really appreciate what you do for biking in Toronto.

Steeker said...

Coolies :D Thanks Tinoooooo , now about you trying to keep up with me at the ice race on Saturday ( we racing for pizza? )

Darren J said...

Hi Martino. Thanks a lot for the compliment!

Tino said...

Hey Steeker,

No way I'll be able to keep up with you at the Ice Race. I'd have to ride the rubber class anyways.
... See ya Satruday. Just be careful Rick is deceptively fast.

Tino said...

Darren J,

Hey, you deserve it! Really you do.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Martin. I have to say thanks to all you bloggers. I read all these everyday. Its very comforting to know there are "others" who as Martin once said use the "bicycle as responsible adult transportation". Its unfortunate that (even though I did fall on the ice today on my way into work...who rides a bike on ice!? :) ) I feel I am perceived as "odd". If I'm "odd", whats an SUV in the city? Being a contrarian comes with its challenges to poular perception. I admire all of you, who as I do, ride out of principle. I guess the "others" will never understand how much fun we have :) Take care everyone. Franz

Anonymous said...

Franz, you're so nice. I can't ride out of principle anymore, since I'm addicted to it now, but you can thank the TTC for ripping up the 506 streetcar tracks 2 years ago, since that got me to buy a cheap bike to try it out. I do try to provide as much info as I can on BikingToronto though, because the more people out there cycling, the better for biking in Toronto in general.

Steeker said...

Tinooo ??? Am I allowed to race in my Kilt:P

Tino said...

You'd be very popular!