Monday, August 21, 2006

Fix the ring posts!

Editorial: Repair the bike locks
Aug. 21, 2006. (The Star)
"Toronto is a city of bicyclists, who strive to save the air and the
roads while adroitly dodging motorists and ever-rising gas and parking
prices. So it is disconcerting to learn those ubiquitous post and ring bike
stands that have dotted the city for 20 years are vulnerable to
breaking with a simple two-by-four piece of lumber.

Eight cases of attacks on the stands by lumber-wielding thieves have
been confirmed and another six are under investigation,
Even red-faced city biking officials have had to admit after
conducting their own destructive attacks that the $200 stands are

City officials are looking at ways to strengthen or modify the 16,000
bike lock-ups, but warn that all the options are relatively expensive.
Individual cyclists can thwart thieves by using two hefty locks and
the techniques on how best to use them that are outlined in a 20-page
city booklet. But that is a confusing and costly alternative.

What should be done is that the city spend the money to fix the stands.
In a city where an estimated 7,000 bikes are stolen every year, the
price is a good investment."

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