Sunday, December 16, 2007

Liberate A Bike Lane With A Jazz Soundtrack

Action by ARC back in when? 2003? Anyways, maybe we should get out the shovels again, eh? Last time Joe Pantalone was real embarrassed when the CBC reporter called. Promised to keep the bike lanes free of snow in future. Right.
Here is some great music to go with it from the new CD Kensington Suite by Richard Underhill called Bike Lane.


Anonymous said...


Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 12:03:24 -0500 (EST)
From: me
Subject: snow dumping on Martin Goodman Trail at Palais Royale

Ladies and Gentlemen

I understand the Martin Goodman Trail is not maintained during
winter months but am quite dismayed to find it being used as a place to
dump unwanted snow. It appears the Palais Royale has contracted an
entity to remove snow from its north entryway and west parking area
(immediately west of the building) and this snow is piled on the Martin
Goodman Trail immediately east of the bollards adjacent to the west
parking area driveway.
Inasmuch as Martin Goodman Trail use declines during the winter
it does not cease and this piled snow becomes an obstacle to be
navigated by those walkers, runners and cyclists who do continue to use
this facility.
Please take action to stop this dumping as this snow pile will
become an ice pile which will remain a hazard to users well through April
as it slowly melts and drains away. This encumbrance on what is
technically a community asset effectively restricts its benefit to those
who benefit directly from the operation of the Palais Royale - a
minscule subset of the community.
Furthermore I encourage you to consider acting against any other
entities involved in the same or similar activity. Crossing driveways
crossing the trail has long been a hazard to users. It seems fair to
ask these snow piles accumulated from plowing be removed by those
entities leaving them.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for you email. I will advise the Palais Royale group that it
is a bylaw violation for them dump snow on the trail. I will provide
the same advise to any other entities who do the same.

Peter Leiss
Parks Supervisor Toronto East York
711 Lakeshore Blvd W
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3T7
416 392 7945 Office
416 392 4186 Fax