Sunday, December 09, 2007

Reviewing the predictions for 2007

Last December I posted predictions for 2007, let us see how well I did. Yes there are a few weeks left.

Predictions for 2007
1. Cyclists become more organized, strike.
Cyclists did not strike but there looks like that for first time Toronto cyclists will be organized through the Cycling Union. I am taking a half point for this.
2. Mayor Miller forgets about cycling.
Easy prediction, full point.
3. TTC fares increase to $3.
The cash fare remained the same. Tokens and passes went up. We were threatened with the removal with several routes, it at best was a poorly designed bluff.
4. PS Kennsington becomes permanent.
5. Major accident on Gardiner causes structural damage therefore closure.
The Gardiner lives. Though two American cities had major highways devastated to infrastructure problems.
6. 5 kms of bike lanes created.
4.7kms were created. Full point.
7. Case Ootes succeeds in removing Cosburn bike lanes.
Thankfully I was wrong.
8. Gas averages $1.30/L throughout the year, with highs approaching $2.
The highest it averaged for the year was $1.18, except for the folk in Labrador City who routinely face prices higher than $1.30. We did have a gas crisis though.
9. 65 people killed by cars in Toronto.
Thank fully another prediction that was wrong... lets hope it holds to the end of the year. 49 people were killed.
10. Worst year for pollution in the last 10.
Full point.

My predictions were 35% right. Not bad for my first try. Will post my predictions for 2008 in a week or two.


Anonymous said...

Any prediction on when the city starts plowing cycle paths? Or when they stop building bike lanes in the door zone of on-street parking? Some time in the vacinity of hell freezing over, I think.

Darren said...

When the oil runs out.