Tuesday, December 04, 2007

O.U.R.S. Spotted in Brazil!!!

These are the first pictures of Toronto's O.U.R.S executing a guerrilla tactic in Brazil. At least that is what we think, we do not speak the language. It sure does look like they are painting bike lanes.

Check out the entire site.

This next pic is of work of an artist that I recognize, Mona Caron.
She has done some pretty spectacular CM artwork over the years.


Ian Mackenzie said...

Awesome blog.

I've been braving the iced-over bike lanes on Harbord for the past few days . . . swerving out into the icy road to avoid the plowed-in ice piles while cars and trucks whiz by at top speed. What a frickin' mess.

Thanks for documenting this sad, sad state of affairs.


Wes said...

Speaking of Harbord's snow 'n' ice.. I noticed today that the Eastbound curb lane on College through Little Italy/Little Portugal is fairly clear, but the Westbound lane is a total disaster. I usually take College East in the mornings (so as to stop at Manic Coffee for some caffeine!), and Harbord back home.. but I took College both ways today and I had to straddle the lane divider along that section of College.

Tino said...

The snow/ice in the bike lane is the message.