Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off-duty cop who beat up cyclist on Queen street in 2007 = Not guilty!

Remember this? Buddy stops at the traffic light at Queen and Bay and driver gets his nose out of joint about it. As in 'Get out of my f#!%ng way. Driver gets out and pummels the guy. The original event was covered on the Spacing Wire

From the National Post article linked to below:
"Justice John Ritchie said in his decision that Mr. Tierman was defending himself and his vehicle from the cyclist, who was going to use his bike as a weapon. Pursuant to Section 27 of the Criminal Code, the defendant was justified in using force to prevent the attack. “The issue, in my mind, is whether the defendant used excessive force,” Justice Ritchie wrote. “
… It is my conclusion that the force used was not excessive in all of the circumstances.”


Unknown said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, however didn't the cyclist get attacked and harassed by this guy for stopping at a red light?

Tino said...

Yup. That's how it all started. Sends a message doesn't it?

Unknown said...

The car driver was clearly the aggressor. He kicks his bike, then comes towards him. The cyclist holds up his bike (it's not clear to me if he's threatening the driver or not, but he's already being harassed), and then gets assaulted. The driver should have been convicted.

Zach said...

I want to cry. This is crazy and a complete injustice.