Thursday, October 22, 2009

SPIN by Evelyn Parry


Written and performed by Evalyn Parry
With Anna Friz and Brad Hart | Directed by Ruth Madoc Jones

Starring: The BICYCLE
As muse, musical instrument, and instrument of social change. A Two Wheeled Evening of Entertainment, Featuring: Music, Spoken Word and Theatre. 

The Safety Bicycle: Amplified!
Using modern effects Pedals and contact Microphones, the players manipulate the acoustic sounds of the Bicycle to make Music

The 1890’s: The Golden Age of the Bicycle! 
Exposing the Bicycle as a Dangerous Agent of Women’s Emancipation | Ballads of High Adventure! Theft, Heartbreak, Bicycle-Auto Collision and the Urban Rider.

OCTOBER 25th, 8 pm at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander St.)
as part of the HYSTERIA Festival | Tickets $10 in advance call by telephone 
to reserve at 416-975-8555 or on the world wide web at

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