Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Hamish!

Hello all - thanks for doing a decent job of clearing the bike lanes on the Viaduct - it's noticeably better than in previous years, with about 2/3 clear, though maybe there was enough resource to apply as we've not had snow, or whatever. Close to Sherbourne the eastbound was messed up somewhat but that could also be four-wheeled vehicles.

Basic problems still remain: at the top of Parliament on the SE corner there is both a ponding problem which can freeze and it remains more invisible as the streetlight has been/is out. This was mentioned in a Jan. 4 email I believe.

The snow also makes it clear that vehicles cut all right turning curves and so the pinch point before the Viaduct in the eastbound lane remains a large liability for the City in my view.

Ponding still occurs at the north side of that intersection which the freezing makes quite dangerous, and one might expect greater worry about freeze-thaw cycles near bridges etc. - and you've had a fair degree of notice about these prroblems I believe.

I still haven't gotten an email for the legal dept., another loose end/detail.

Still carmudgeonly,

Hamish Wilson

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Bike Drool said...

The standards department will most likely not send you an email... but rather a messenger, in the form of an under-paid intern, who will then proceed to bark and insist annoying things. Hey, it could happen.