Friday, September 07, 2007

Chaos in the streets!

The Toronto Star is predicting chaos in Toronto. The Gardiner will be closed for the weekend. How will anyone survive?!?!


Anonymous said...

This is what I wrote as a letter to the editor yesterday afternoon:

One major point you forgot to mention in this article is that all of
the major events and locations you listed (TIFF, Toronto Island Ferry,
Exhibition Park, Rogers Centre, BMO Stadium, ACC) are conveniently
located within walking distance of Union and Exhibition GO stations.

To avoid the madness on the roads, just take the GO train or the
subway into town. You can even bring your bicycle on-board to make
travel around your destinations easier. TTC day passes and GO tickets
may even be cheaper than parking.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to drive down there even when the
Gardiner is open.

Still didn't mention other non-car options in today's article. The chaos is still scheduled to happen.

Anonymous said...

Me, I've been suggesting a Front St. transitway parallel to the Gardiner and the GO train in its ROW to give fast east-west transit into the core instead of the FSE for about five years. Climate carisis, what climate carisis - we can't do anything else with the Gardiner than give it multi-millions for Etobicarians and 905ers to drive on for free.
It's not just Smogtown, it's Caronto, (thanks Pat!)
And nice letter Vic, thanks for sharing - we should almost set up a blog for letters the Star doesn't print because they're too roadical and resist the "carruption" - I think we all could like post a few!