Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally, City provides a bike system worth having.

The City of Toronto has finally come up with a solution to provide its cyclists with enhanced cycling facilities. It is really quite impressive that they were able to implement it so quickly. All a cyclist needs to do is pick up some packing boxes from the liquor store and get their one-way ticket to Chicago from Mayor Miller's office.


Anonymous said...

What a difference a cycling mayor makes. Our local "environmentalist" councillor doesn't due to a childhood ailment (smoking?) and, ah .. you haven't seen the double set of bollards yet lining the entry to the Boulevard Club? Its his latest crowning achievement. Weed out those pesky psycho cyclists!
He will upstage that for the benefit of Mr Kite (aka the palaispiss royale) where a triple row will bisect the path guarding the ermine ensconced from those sweaty hard bodies dancing by on two pedals they want to jump the bones of so badly.

For the benefit of Mr Kite there will be a show tonight ... coutesy of the Beatles Sgt Pepper Album.

Anonymous said...

Hey Geoffrey - I know Gord is weaker on bike issues, but at least you've got a couple of senior level reps who are somewhat aware of bicycling.
As for the Bollard Club, why stop the placement of these things on the bike trails, clearly the bigger problem for the exits is the Lakeshore - so it's time to bollard that one too eh?

brandon said...

i lived in chicago for 6yrs before moving to toronto. there are many differences between the 2 cities:

1. an awesome bike dept w/in the city's DOT (headed by ben gomberg- tooker's brother)

2. chicago (city-wide) a true grid system (cartesian plane), much better for continuous bike lanes

3. but the best thing about the city (for bikes, that is) is that mayor Daley is the ultimate ruler... and what he wants, he gets... and he is bike friendly.

i am not sure that (even if miller was bike friendly) he could get what he wants... the city of tranno is a monarchy like chi-town is.