Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Remember that arch de triomph bike project with bike lanes connecting the Queens Quay? Well as usual area's businesses totally freaked out, saying that reducing lanes of traffic would hurt commerce (it boggles the mind).

Now WaterfronToronto is doing another EA (Envrionmental acessment) of that stretch before comitting to development plans. "Public Consultation is a key component of this process".

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Demand bike lanes. Feel free to mention that you do not want 'sharrows'


Anonymous said...

On the eastbound Queen's Quay, east of Spadina I recollect, the City has recently done some work that makes biking tighter and worse.
It might not be fair to generalize, but they just don't get it, and they do get paid for not getting it.
And sharrows often won't be enough, but I think they're still worth doing in many places, and often too.

Tino said...

Thanks for the heads up Cris!
Ride on!

Same old story, eh?

Anonymous said...

There were bikelanes along the full length of the Queens Quay 20+ years ago.
The Harbour Castle broke the chain doing an entry lobby renovation removing the taxistand. The City of Toronto idly sat by and signed the construction permit for this work.
Now again the Harbour Castle (Westin) is pulling the same shit and passing the fud onto any number of other harbourfront entities. "Murricans can't drive and squishing cyclists is bad for business".
Fuck them. Time to tacke action against the Harbour Castle. A little blockade until they reconsider their stance may just do the trick. Afterall they are using the (former) bikelane as a taxistand.