Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy smelly Toronto Car Free Day!

In addition to Tino's report below, the Toronto sky today was filled by burning tire smoke from an auto wrecker at Victoria Park and Danforth... I have always thought it was odd to have an auto wrecker in the middle of a residential street. It caught fire today in light of City assurances that it did not pose a threat.

Suck it up. It smells great. Probably good idea to not ride your bike for the next few days in the Vic Park and Danforth area, that is how long it will take to put the fire totally out.


Anonymous said...

Why should an auto body shop be placed next to residential areas:
1. to avoid urban sprawl
2. to be an everyday reminder of the negative consequences of auto culture
3. to make sure that the businesses you need, and some people need the services of auto shops, close at hand in the community.

Also, don't forget that this shop has been there for at least 80 years. It may or may not pre-date the residences.

Historically factories, slaughterhouses, tanneries etc were located next door to residences, the residences where the workers lived. If we want people to live close to where they work, access services or do business, so that they can walk or cycle or take transit then we have to accept that shops, factories and power centres will be located among residences.

Steeker said...

That was North of where I live.. and it still stunk when I came home at 11pm and there was still light smoke....................