Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pharmacy Ave cyclist killer remains on the loose.

A northbound cyclist was killed by a truck traveling south in the northbound lane on Pharmacy Ave in the early morning hours of Sunday Sept. 2nd. The person who had control of the truck fled the scene. Police Report.

ARC will hold a memorial in his honour next Sunday. Details TBA.


Geoffrey said...

One Less Truck

What needs to be done?

Anonymous said...

"The person who HAD CONTROL of the truck fled the scene." ?????

More like, the irresponsible goon who DIDN'T have control of the truck fled the scene. !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Murderer plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

many people have been putting their brains and sense of responsibility on holiday this weekend - it's a prelude to a more dangerous season maybe - newbies on the streets in a rush.
But jail time eh?

Anonymous said...

Brains and sense of responsibility on holiday 'this weekend' ????

I see a blatant lack of responsibility just about every day ... on RESIDENTIAL back roads.

After years of allowing people to choose for themselves what speed they're going to drive while on the freeways ... it has become the 'norm' for people to drive at whatever f*&^$*# speed they damn well please on EVERY road ... even through school zones (and parking lots for that matter).

Of course, I don't imagine any of you readers need to be told that. You probably see it daily as well. I'm just venting.

It's particularly sad when it includes 'moms' driving their tots to school. It's crazy.

People should be ashamed of themselves. Society as a whole should be ashamed. Rules don't apply. Period.

Of course, those who shirk their responsibility are also quick to claims their 'rights' ... particularly when it comes to the health care system that they need after getting themselves into a crash! Eh?!

The assholes. Perhaps they should be denied access to the hospitals in such cases?!


Darren said...
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Darren said...

Upon conviction, they need to take the killer to the 401 and crazy glue them onto the road using them as a bollard to separate lanes.