Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Bad Cabbie

Thursday October 4th, 8:40 am. Took this after chasing down the cab driver who had just run over and injured a cyclist on Wellesley East. He was more interested in the damage to his car (see photo) than the well-being of the cyclist who he tried to placate with a few bucks. Certainly not enough to fix the bike which he had just gotten back from the repair shop earlier in the week. The Cyclist is okay but sore, bicycle is badly damaged. I am in contact with the cyclist and with the help of ARC will assist him legally and make sure his bike gets fixed.


Anonymous said...

So is the cab driver gong to be charged with HIT AND RUN and were the Police contacted??????????

Tino said...

The cyclist did not call the cops at the time (his decision) but is considering his legal options right now.

He did not have a witness who was right on the scene and saw what happened.

I got there just after it happened
about 2-3 minutes after at least.

Will update the info as I get more news or the cyclist calls me.
We have the license plate and all that.

Anonymous said...

The attitudes of many cab drivers has been at a new low since September. It may have to do with the killing by car of one of them on Mt. Pleasant and how the young killers were essentially let off, but they're worse than ever in my limited view.
I just saw one blow through a stop at my street corner, and have been told to FO for existing on the road and dinging my bell to alert the cab not to drive through me.