Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We need photos!

BLD staff have told of the "real" reason why Tino left BLD. A high-placed source at a major department store told a staff member that Tino has gone to work at the Art Gallery. Apparently he has seen a future for himself as a volunteer muse, a nude male muse. We were shocked and hoping that his partner is not finding out about this for the first time on BLD.

Please! Please! Please! If you are visiting the Art Gallery and see Tino at work grab a photo for this here blog. We need to increase readership.


Anonymous said...

LOL to FUNNY .check for dimpels LOL

Tino said...

Lies lies lies ... all of it.


Anonymous said...

shake shake shake your booty haha

Steeker said...

well now ! :-D