Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bikes To Rwanda


Anonymous said...

Notice the cool hand crafted wooden scooters the kids are riding right at the end?

They should've been featured!

And why aren't the bikes being fabricated locally: send some of our technicians (bike builders: metal fabricators; mechanics; machinists) over with the necessary equipment/tooling. Start developing an urban micro-industrial capability.

Unknown said...

It is a very good cause, but...

There are MANY people in the City of Detroit (not far from where I live) who live in abject poverty and can NOT afford to own a car. It would be nice to see some charity provide bikes for working poor adults right here at home.

Don't mean to rant -- just wanted to make the point that you don't have to cross the ocean to find folks in need of help with transportation access.

-- North of Eight Mile

Anonymous said...

Excellent point. As a Canadian, we have our own third-world up north ... besides the urban poor of our southern cities. And people/charities and the gov't focus their attention on the Third World, ignoring our very real problems right here.