Friday, October 26, 2007

The sidewalk rush.

911: Police, Fire, or Ambulance?
BMW: POLICE! My car was just hit by one of those scofflaws and he left the scene.
911: OK sir please calm down. Are you injured? Can you tell me what happened and your location.
BMW: I am not injured but my car has hit by a cyclist, he has done a lot of damage. He got back on his bike and took off. South bound on George St...right through a stop he was dressed all ratty like with a bag on his shoulder.
911: Ok sir we have an officer enroute. Was the cyclist injured?
BMW: Who cares! Look what he has done to my car! Those damn cyclists think they have the right to break the law. They need license plates! I was just going in to get my morning coffee! IS THIS CITY NOT SAFE ENOUGH TO PICK UP YOUR MORNING COFFEE? Are you going to arrest that cyclist?
911: Sir, the officer has arrived but cannot find you. Are you the BMW parked in the bike lane.
BMW: No. My car is parked on the sidewalk outside Tim Hortons. What is he blind?!


Anonymous said...

This is great! Is it for real? Where did it come from?

Darren said...

It was (dis)inspired by comments posted to a story of a cyclist's death in Portland,OR.