Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Memorial For Al Sheppard Today (Wednesday)

Memorial gathering for Al tomorrow
(Wednesday) at 5 pm.
Meet at Bay and Bloor ride to Avenue and Bloor.
Lay down bikes.
5 minutes of silence.

In heaven, everyone rides a bicycle.

You can remember Darcy Allan Sheppard here as well

Fundraiser Announcement:
"This is a fundraiser to help pay for the burial costs of Darcy Allan Sheppard who was tragically killed Monday August 31, 2009 at Bloor St West and Avenue Road. Details have yet to be confirmed as to location of this event but the date is firm which is September 19th.
Please come out." Facebook Link


HiMY SYeD / said...

We seeded a wiki page on Torontopedia for Al:

Hopefully those who knew him can ensure he may be gone, but he is never forgotten.


Tino said...

Thank you HiMY! He will be remembered.

gbby said...

For anyone interested in more photos and my take on today's memorial, I posted a tribute on my website: