Friday, September 04, 2009

Newsflash: Senior citizen cyclist dies in Toronto!

Cyclist was struck by a streetcar on Tuesday at Spadina and Nassau and has since died of his injuries. Male, 66 years. old. Too much. My thoughts go out to his family.

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Tino said...

Quoting Ron Freeman:
yes .... i've been riding bikes in toronto since 1988... moved in
away in 2006 ... (i live in Peterboro now) yet i still come into town quite often to visit and i do it w/my bike.... i rode full time bike courier for 7 years and part time while at U of T for 4...

the desire to cheat on the the left hand turn while waiting for that
light to change is very powerful... i urge you to go there and
experience it yourself... watch the 'transit' signal which flashes
green or red to the streetcar operator.... then observe how the
'u-turn' or 'left turn' signal operates... if there are no cars around
(and this might happen surprisingly often), even the most patient and
law abiding ... yet unsuspecting... cyclist can EASILY omit the
relatively quiet and unseen southbound streetcar from the traffic mix
and succumb to the urge to try and get over the rails fast....

i'd be happy to talk about this anytime