Friday, August 17, 2007

The Battle for Road Space

"What is the deal with motorists, specifically car and SUV drivers who think they are entitled to the entire road under all circumstances?

This summer, embarking on my first full-time summer job, at a Rosedale daycamp, I decided to commute from my home in north Toronto, by bicycle.

Talk about trial by fire! I’ve encountered several greedy and unreasonable motorists who never hesitate to take far more than their share of the road and who waste no time screaming at any cyclist willing to demand their fair piece of the road as well. Bicycles are vehicles and so are entitled to a lane of their own just as any other vehicle is.

Usually — and generously — cyclists move to the side of the road to allow faster moving vehicles to pass. Why do motorists never show the same respect for cyclists?"

Read the rest of the article by Alex Nevitte (National Post)


Anonymous said...

Riding a bike in such a "carrupt" town as Toronto is a "roadicalizing" experience - another convert!, though there are some very respectful car drivers.

brandon said...

it was a shock to me too... i remember getting into many fights when i started riding here... one time i bashed a mirror in... though it was cuz she rammed my rear wheel with her bumper as i was climbing a hill and wouldn't get outta the way (cuz, i didn't wanna get doored)!!

welcome to north york!