Monday, August 20, 2007

I just don't know

Spotted along Queen West.


Ben said...

I guess they wanted a dynohub and to continue using their rear sprocket (which I am sure would be a hard thing to do with both on the same hub).

It's a novel solution, but if they are willing to put so much work into that, why not spring for some decent looking handlebars and some paint?

Anonymous said...

but what the heck is it powering?

Wes said...

"why not spring for some decent looking handlebars and some paint?"

and a front brake.. :) In fact, I just noticed they've relocated the rear brake as well. That's a lot of work for something so questionably useful.

Looks like there's a wire running from the dyno-hub, under some electrical tape, and then to the seat post. Maybe there's a capacitor under the seat to use as a security system? ;)

What's with those handlebars anyway? Are they in a cast? Or covered in meringue?

Anonymous said...

I met the owner of this bike around five years ago. I was in Broadview Cycle on Bloor Street browsing the bikes. He showed up on the bike with a bucket and a squeegee brush. He was cleaning the store front windows for some cash. I asked about the bike. He told me that he set up the cycle-powered generator so that he could power his cell phone while riding. That is all.

Anonymous said...