Thursday, August 23, 2007

City with egg on its face.

Toronto (CP) - Embarrassed City of Toronto officials were forced to apologize today for releasing a press release early. They explained that the press release written in 1999 should not have been released at all and that they will be releasing a copy of the 2000 press release later this year. The problem stems from the fact that the 1999 press release blames the lack of progress providing cycling facilities on Y2K preparedness while the 2000 press release blames it on there not being enough money in the budget. One confused reporter asked why they did not just write one for 2007. Staff replied that the City "believes wholeheartedly in recycling."


Anonymous said...

huh? What's this in reference to?

Anonymous said...

The City like every other year will be shortly announcing that they will not be able to complete proposed cycling facilities this year because of budget problems... or one or another excuses they have used in the past.