Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yellow Bikes? No, just a film shoot ...?

Or maybe Bike Chain has dusted off a few bikeys.
In any case, made my heart leap with joy to see them.

Update! Just found out that Bikechain and the Centre for Social Innovation on Spadina ARE loaning out Yellow Bikes. Yoohoo!!


Anonymous said...

Hey T - yeah I got kinda excited too... the film shoot is the Hulk and altho lots of extras on bikes these ones are also going to be loaned out by bikechain - I THINK/HOPE! not confirmed yet, but apparently one of our biking brothers-in-arms dropped off a bunch of the yellows at BikeChain and they are just ironing out the insurance deets now... that's all I knows for now.

Anonymous said...

Missed this. hope!
I still see a big mess-up in how the City re-did the bike lane on St. George opposite sid smith nbnd. The paving markers are FAR to indented into the bike lane I think. Why?
Also about two years of waiting for some improvement to the southbound Beverly despite notifying.