Monday, August 27, 2007

Guerrilla Super 8 Movie Night in Kensington Market

I tried out my new portable Super 8 film screening kit last night in Kensington Market. Worked out very well overall. Vic took these photos which I really like. Darren took some too which I will add later. I showed a rough cut of my the second installment of the Olmo Trilogy entitled 'My Summer With Olmo'. (.mov/8.8mb)
Fun night beneath the full moon.


brandon said...

nice. i think my bikes have love affairs in my garage...

Anonymous said...

Hi Martino,

Very nice movie, the images are pretty good and the sound track rulez.

I have a bicycle blog and i like to show it there, can i do that?

Sorry about my english.

Regards from Brazil

Tino said...

Thank you Brandon and Icaro!

Icaro, sure you can post it on your bike blog.


Anonymous said...