Monday, August 27, 2007

Ernest touches his toes.

Paula: Ernest, why are you bent over like that? Are you exercising?
Ernest: No, I am trying to touch my toes...
P: Why the hell are you wearing your cycling helmet?
E: They do not want me to get injured.
P: Huh? I do not understand. How are you going to get injured while touching your toes with your ass up in the air?
E: I do not know. This is what they told us to do.
P: Who told you...
E: The City of Toronto. They are going to tell us at the meeting tonight what they can deliver from the Bike Plan.
P: So why is your ass up in the air? I still do not understand.
E: Paula, they are trying to train us to get into a better position.
P: Better position for what?
E: I dunno, something they call shafting.
P: Oh dear...
E: Paula, since you are here. Could you help me with the last instruction. Just tear a hole....


Tino said...

Oh, my god. That's funny!!!

Anonymous said...

yup, good one!