Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Memorial Ride for Charlie Prinsep Friday

Please come and ride with us in his memory.

Update: Wes and me stopped by the CBC (99.1) to tape a radio segment and talk about Charlie, bike touring and the memorial ride on Friday.
Air date was Thursday, August 16th. 10:06 AM. Sounds Like Canada.

This article about Charlie appeared in the Globe and Mail today.

Lloyd Alter wrote on treehugger

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Karen said...

Hey Martin! I was driving through Ottawa today listening to CBC and I heard a voice that sounded distinctly like you... turns out it was you! I haven't seen or talked to you since my Tafelmusik days but it was great to hear that you are still cycling Toronto (I miss it a lot - Ottawa doesn't give the same adrenalin rush). I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Charlie. I hope the ride goes well.

I have two little kids now, work for the government (when not on leave) and don't cycle as often as I used to but have visions of one day racing through the city without a Chariot being pulled behind me.

Glad to have found you!

Karen Reyburn