Saturday, October 20, 2007

La Fuga di Olmo (Olmo's Escape)

My first film. Shot in Super 8. A lonely blue ladies bike runs away from home.
Much of what I have ever wanted to say about biking, bicycles and enviro-politics
I tried to say with this short film.

When I started Bike Lane Diary almost 5 years ago I thought it would be a good idea to document bike conditions and bike culture in Toronto. Judging from the many good comments I have received from cyclists far and wide it seems I was right. It was a good idea. Even though some of you won't believe this: I think it's time to pass on the torch to other cyclists.

Over to you, Brandon, Bruce, Cris, Darren, Guido, Goshka, Hannah, Tammy & Wes.
No worries, I'll still be around but less so on BLD. Must be moving onto other projects. The old film camera beckons. Mez needs a commercial or two. My wonderful partner Wendy wants to do something cool and exciting. Think I'll join in on the fun.

Thank you all so much for reading & writing and being so supportive.
See ya all in the Bike Lane.

Ride on!

Your friend always,



jnyyz said...

Cheers, Martino. Thanks for all the info and spirit expressed on your blog. I'll see you down the road!

brandon said...

i can't begin to thank you for your wheel-spiration!

ride on...

Steeker said...

good luck Tinnooooooo and thanks , see ya on the road,( live to ride ride to live ) ,,,,,, P.S. you never did the ride with me

Tino said...

Thank you Jun, Brandon. It was a and will always be a labour of love.
See you for Critical Mask.

Hey Steeker, thank you too very much.
And I know I owe you a ride.
I have not forgotten. It will happen.
How about next Sunday?

Evan said...

I can understand but I'll miss your regular posts. BLD is really one of the brightest spots on the bikeblogsphere.

Anonymous said...

Well there's a lyric/phrase "you don't appreciate what you've got till it's gone" - and you're a very hard act to follow and pick up the torch from, though I'm sure the quality and depth of your keen eye, commitment and activities will inspire many to do many more similar things.
Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're just kidding about this. The blobosphere will miss you and your wide foraging for creative content and wry comment.

MerJa Media said...

Don't leave us Tino we NEED you!

Tino said...

Thank you Evan, that is very high praise. Much appreciated. Bike Lane Diary will live on in other hands I am sure.

Tino said...

I hope so to, Hamish. Thank you for everything you do!!

Darren J said...

See you on the road, Tino. Thanks for many great years of work on this site! It's always been inspirational. Keep us up to date on where we can see your photographs and film!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tino,

I hope to see your creative outputs in other areas/forums still. BLD is always fun to visit, especially with the really interesting little bits of video, photos, and other things you dig up. This is one of the first sites I started visiting after moving to TO, and I've read every last thing you've posted over these few years.

See you on the road, and in da 'hood!


Anonymous said...

BLD has become one of my daily stops. Thanks for the memories!

cris bouchard said...

Hey Tino,
Good luck with your newly planned persuits. I've always enjoyed your posts for their positivity, & sheer entertainment value! You can count on me for future posts on BLD. Feel free to let me know about these future projects you have on tap.

Tino said...

Thank you all very much ... I ma touched. BLD was a labour of love.
Toronto is very lucky to have you care abut cycling so much.

But no worries, not leaving town just focusing on other things for
a quite a while.

Promise to keep everyone in the loop about what I am up to.


Svend said...

Good luck, martino. I like your spirit we have glimpsed in your diary.
May the wind be at your back in your ride.

Anonymous said...

a big thanks, Tino!

Happy filming and photo-taking.