Tuesday, October 16, 2007


A few notes from the first meeting of the long absent Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee.

While nothing too major was tackled at the introductory meeting #1, there was a progress report on bike lane implementation. Most of you will know much of this already, as portions were published long ago, but there are a few updates worth noting.

Knox contra flow connector (Queen-Eastern):
Installed Sept 07
Logan connector (Eastern to Point 200m south):
Installed Sept 07, still have to install a modular island as a separator.
Christie (Dupont-St.Clair):
Installed Oct 07 (see Martin's photos below)
Greenwood (Danforth to Queen):
Installation started Oct 9th and is currently underway.
Queensway (Claude to Windermere):
Installation in Oct 2007
Lappin-Hallam (Ossington and Lansdowne):
Installation in Oct 2007
Chester Hill Broadview and 100m West:
Installation in Oct 07
Rogers (Old Westonand Oakwood):
Installation Oct-Nov 2007
Sentinel (Finch and Dovehouse):
Installation Oct/Nov 2007
Carlaw-Logan (Gerrard to Dundas):
Installation still to be determined, but implementation has been approved by council Sept 2007
Eastern Ave (Logan and Leslie):
Installation still to be determined. The timing of installation is subject to Councillor's direction.
Yonge (Queens Quay and Front):
Approved March 2007, installation is scheduled to co-ordinate with road alteration/boulevard improvement 2007.
Royal York (Delroy and Mimico Creek):
Should be put in next spring, is co-ordinating with resurfacing/reconstruction 2007
Stephen (Queensway to Berry):
Approved by council 2007, will co-ordinate with resurfacing/reconstruction 2007/2008 and should happen in the spring.
Pond (Sentinel and Shoreham):
Approved by council, must co-ordinate with resurfacing/reconstruction 2007/2008
Lansdown (College-Bloor):
As I understand it, this is sharrows, happening now.

A bit of a mouthful, but there you have it.
Also good to know is that Clay McFayden is working as the cycling rep for the Queens Quay West Environmental Assessment Stakeholder Committee.

Gotta run for now.


Tino said...


Thank you for the big update ...
time to go for a ride, me thinks.


Darren said...

I am sorry but the presentation on the progress on bike lanes was hard to swallow. So many twists and turns to cover up the fact they will niot be able to meet Heaps' promise of 27kms. The question is, how long have they known?

Nothing has changed, more broken promises at the end of the year and no accountability.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Wilket Creek path, damaged in the storm of August 2005, is finally being fixed. A small section was paved over as of Monday morning. And on my way to work today the heavey construction vehicles were amassing - I'm hoping its to fix the rest of the path.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, just kvetching about mere distance done or undone isn't quite good enough - it's also the quality of the lanes and where they are. One big concern I have is that while 2/3 of the injuries etc. are in the old city of T/EY, a lot of the resources for bikes are going everywhere else. Some of that is okay, but quality is important. Dan also said the Bloor report may be ready in the spring!
Wow! And we may be getting the lanes in the BYBIA area too! Nudge Mr. Rae, specially his constituents