Sunday, October 07, 2007

Which Bike Lock Should I Buy?

A really good BIKE THEFT LOCK analysis:
Locks are ranked on Security, Portability/Ease,
and Value


Anonymous said...

I am going to use a pair of hand-cuffs as a part of my UN-STEALABLE BIKE plan.

Anonymous said...

the cuffs are sooooooo easy to break !!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the Master-Cuffs, or whatever they're called?

Are they really no good?

Suggestions ... please!!

Anonymous said...

all those cuffs are okish in LOW crime area's and they are EXCELLENT in bondage games for ankels :-D ,,

Anonymous said...

I like my nyc lock.. 11 out the 12 security rating... expensive.. heavy... but.. seem to trust it... it's good. I worry more about what I lock to now, and my components..

Tino said...

Advice on not getting your bike stolen? “Have a bicycle lock that is real expensive, and a bicycle that’s really cheap.”