Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Down Yonge Street during rush hour

Nice choice of music and some fine bike handling skills. Cool.


Darren said...

Hmmm. I dunno. Riding like that would make me awfully tense.

Dan said...

I don't think those are nice bike handling skills at all. We see the rider running red lights, squeezing between lanes, passing on the right while other vehicles attempt a right turn, and forcing his way through pedestrians crossing the street.

Maybe it's because I don't ride in a large city, but I would never do that.

That is nice music, however.

Darren said...

"Centre-lining" (probably the smartest move he made), which I think you are referring to as "squeezing between lanes" as opposed to squeezing through the car and curb, is pretty much legal... or at least the interpretation by police allows it. A very gray area... but I do have a police investigation report that implies that a cyclist passing a slower moving vehicle, in the same scenario as in the video, should do so on the left.

Personally, I would sooner centre-line than squeeze through between a car and the curb as in the video.

laurence said...

funny, i did exactly the same route yesterday. it was nowhere near as fun as that looked.. yonge is probably my least favorite cycling road.

the guy in front of me was running all the red lights as well. i'm not bothered about the ones without a right turn, but he ran all of them.

i'm not so sure about zigzagging between lanes either, that's just crazy. i think i'd sooner go on the sidewalk, but then i suppose everyone will say that's just crazy too ;] (er, also illegal, but nevermind)

Tino said...

Hi Dan,

You're right. Some very suspect moves there. I guess I was refering to him/her still being alive ..

Anonymous said...

Laurence, you've gotta stay off of the sidewalk.

Dan said...


You're right. He did seem to have pretty good reflexes.

Sorry for the smarmy comment. I was in a foul mood yesterday,