Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bike Week The Big Winner?

Bike Week 2006 got off to an appropriate start yesterday when many TTC commuters were forced to pedal instead of ride.
Robert Sangster, a regular cyclist downtown, said he has never had such a hard time finding a spare bike stand to lock up his wheels.
"You never see this many bikes," he said. "I guess Bike Week has really worked with the help of the TTC." Because the GO Train doesn't allow bikes on the train during rush hour, Stuart Retallack says he had to ride to the University of Toronto from Port Credit. "It's been a big inconvenience ... I guess there's no better way to kick off Bike Week," Retallack said. Julie Black says wildcatting TTC workers put the lives of cyclists at risk. "Not only are we breathing in all the fumes from people forced to drive, but there are so many (more) cars on the road a bike rider could get killed," she said. The 17th annual Bike Week, from May 29 to June 11, encourages all Torontonians to ride their bikes. Toronto Sun

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