Thursday, May 25, 2006

Scorchers Tonight!

Including a couple of my photos.

Congrats to Steve Brearton for curating
a fabulous, inspiring, and fascinating
exhibit. Not to be missed.

Adam Giambrone, Mayor Miller, etc.
Nowhere in sight. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Tino, to be fair. Council went to 7:00 tonight and I saw Giambrone at council at around 6:30. Miller though, nowhere to be seen.

Tino said...

Boy Reporter, to be fair. They could have sent someone to represent them and say something nice.
They didn't.
Let's see if they mention it later next week.
If they do I take my comment back.

Anonymous said...

Sharon saw Barbara Hall there.

Tino said...

Barbara Hall was there. True.
Nice of her to show up.
She has no political clout these days. Did little or nothing for cyclists while she was in power.
Adam Giambrione sent a message he could not be there. Ok.
I just call it like it is.
Our elected politicians were busy with a vote on the World's Fair