Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Invite: Contact Festival Opens Today!

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Hope to you see you there!

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Tino said...

About two years ago, I decided to form a small photography club called
TLR Club. Named after my favourite camera design the Twin Lens Reflex,
we have sought out the city's hidden spaces often going where few
people get to go even if it meant climbing a fence or two.
In the process we captured the beauty and silences of these places in
luminous black and white and the brightest of colours. The show
includes artists Michael Brown, Kevin McBride, Richelle Forsey, Alper
Ozdemir, Dieter Janssen and myself.
I would like to invite you to the opening of our first TLR Club
exhibit, entitled the
'The Twin Lens Reflex' at Supermarket, 268 Augusta Avenue (just south
of College)
The opening reception is on Tuesday, May 9th at 7 - 11 p.m.
Part of the 2006 Contact International Festival of Photography.
I am very proud of the work of all the artists in this show and hope
you can join us next Tuesday for a unique exhibit celebrating Toronto
and photography.
Please see the invite below for more information or visit the TLR Club blog at
http://tlrclub.blogspot.com for many images of our work.

Hope to see you there or let me know if you would like to see the show
another time and I would be happy to give you a private tour of the


Phillip Barron said...

Wow. This sounds incredible, and I wish I could be in Toronto for this. Really, things like this make me wish I lived in Toronto, or at least somewhere a little bigger than where I am now.

For how long will the show run?

Tino said...

The show runs until June 1st.
Would love to see you. If you check
out http://tlrclub.blogspot.com
you can preview several of the photos in the how and get to know Toronto's ruined underside.
How is your show doing?
Oh, how I regret not getting a
submission in for it.
Would have been an honour to be in ths same show!

Tino said...

I know you're out of town. Thank you for being so enthausiastic.