Thursday, May 25, 2006

Toronto vs. Manchester

Oh, I could comment on this campaign,
but I won't.
Manchester City Council Bicycle Promotion


Anonymous said...

I'll comment - they HAD to use a kids bike, didn't they? DUMB.

Anonymous said...

I won't defend the campaign but I think the bike is supposed to be a chopper bike not a kids bike. You see them quite a bit downtown.

I like a colour scheme.


Anonymous said...

They're trying to appeal to everyone's inner hipster, which is kind of a waste of time...we can't all be hip.

Maple Leaf Cyclery said...

Never understood this low-rider fad. It seems such an impractical way to get around town.

C'mon Tino, make a comment, pleeease!

MerJa Media said...

Who designed the poster?
I think the Manchester one is more effective.

gwadzilla said...

washington DC needs a bike campaign

Tino said...

It's organized through the City Cycling Committee. Promotions
I am glad they're doing ads but this one just screams silly.
Every cyclist that rides by can give you a reason for not biking or why people know they don't. The City needs to give us a reason to bike that consists of more than a poster.

gwadzilla said...

that poster is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Far more effective than something that could be mistaken for a kids bike would be a photo from critical mass.

If that's meant to be a chopper, I'd think it would be more distinctive ... huge front forks, giant handlebars... you know.

Oh well... plans for the future. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the Manchester one better eh?