Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's Just Smog

Today is by far the worst smog day of the year. I have counted over 20 crappy air days thus far, but 'officially' it's only the second.
The photo is from the 'Great Smog' in London in the 50s, when thousands died from smog in just one week in London, UK. Source

My concern is this: What is the difference between thousands dying at once or thousands dying over a longer period of time from the same polluted air?

"It'll pass."
That's what they said then. That's what they say now.
So, what is Toronto doing about it?
Read the City Staff Report.

My impression is not much.
I wonder how many people are not riding their bikes on smog days.
(Photo: Spadina & Bloor 3 p.m.)

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Tino said...

Thanks for riding a bike. You are a hero.
The smog got worse overnight. 55 at 7 a.m.